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Boundaries for Personal & Business Settings

One topic that comes up often with my coaching clients, is boundaries. That’s because so much of coaching, whether it be personal or professional, is about relationships. And relationships are managed effectively or ineffectively in direct proportion to the health of our personal boundaries. Read More…



This essay offers a comprehensive exploration of boundaries – what they are, why they matter, and how to strengthen yours.


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Protect yourself physically and emotionally


Are boundaries a mystery to you?

Your personal boundaries help keep you safe. If you were not taught how to have good boundaries or were discouraged from setting limits or saying no, it is likely difficult for you to protect yourself from unsafe people. 

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“Those who don’t get caught up in cults have a strong sense of self.” -Rebecca Solnit

That’s not to say that our weak boundaries mean we’ll join a cult, but we can too easily fall prey to untrustworthy people who take advantage of our trusting nature.

Strong boundaries, however, will protect us from being attracted to a cult because we know who we are and we don’t hand over our power to others. 

Good News: You can learn to strengthen your boundaries.

There is much to say about boundaries.

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The articles below go into depth about boundaries. 

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Sexual

What can you do when someone crosses the line? Can we avoid letting someone get close to the line in the first place?

Workplace boundary violations are often harder to avoid than personal life violations. Both can be a challenge with no surefire way to stay safe.

You get to make your own decisions.

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“Your decisions are yours to make. Stop allowing people to make your decision for you.


You and only get to choose how you feel, what you want to live your life, and what you believe! And you have the right to change your mind!

No one has the right to tell you how you should feel. 
When you allow people to make decisions for you, you are literally handing over your power. You have just given them the keys to your house!”
– Tye Burrell, Owner Sankofa Massage & Bodywork 

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Articles Related to Strengthening Boundaries


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Assertiveness: the Unsung Hero of Relationships & a Good Life

Assertiveness is an essential skill that goes hand in hand with boundaries. You can only set and maintain limits if you have solid assertiveness skills. Both are required for effective communication. Read more…


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How to Avoid Gaslighters Who Manipulate Your Mind

Gaslighting is the malevolent art of convincing someone that what they think is happening is not happening, or that what they think is not happening is happening. Confusion is a goal of gaslighting. Read more…


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Gaslighting Goddess: ‘Big Little Lies’ Mary Louise Wright

Mary Louise Wright gaslighted every one of the characters who shared the screen with her in the series. And she likely gaslit quite a few viewers…until we caught on. Read more…


man and woman - "What I did was wrong and I apologize."

The Look of Weak Boundaries

Ashley fell into a rabbit hole. Feature with full respect and compassion, she is someone who had not had the opportunity or guidance to develop the boundary strength that would offer her full autonomy and safety. Read More…


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Aggression & Blame in Organizations - Adult Bullying

Adult bullying can be subtle and can fall anywhere on the bullying continuum. At one end of the continuum, is the milder behavior that likely makes us cringe a little, but that we wouldn’t call bullying. Read more…


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Conscious Anger

Coaching clients learn to understand their emotional triggers and to manage their aggressive behavior. They increase self-awareness and gain the interpersonal and communication skills essential for resolving difficulties with others. Read More…