Policies and Procedures Are Essential

These are the skills that help an organization run smoothly. Every organization needs clear, detailed policies and written instructions for each procedure.


Well-crafted processes, when followed will keep the organization or group functioning effectively.


Improving these skills means: 


  • Understanding the needs of your organization 

  • Developing the necessary organizational policies

  • Designing processes to assist facilitators

  • Creating procedures unique to your organization

  • Developing employee/member guidelines and rules

  • Developing effective operating procedures

  • Developing a crisis/emergency plan

  • Designing operational forms and checklists

  • Creating an organizational chart 

It’s Never Too Late to
Develop Effective Policies & Procedures

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unprepared being written by a hand

Why are policies so important?


Why is it important to be organized?


How do specific processes and procedures help an organization function effectively and improve group dynamics?

Procedural Skills for Meetings

It’s Never Too Late to Make Meetings Useful

Meetings can be interesting and productive. 

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Articles Related to Process and Procedures


collage of people dealing with personal boundaries

Organizational Processes & Procedures: How to Create & Strengthen Them

For solo entrepreneurs, private practice professionals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, or corporations, policies, and procedures are essential and serve a purpose. The plans and policies of an organization must effectively explain its decision-making process. Read More…



Every organization needs written procedures and crisis plans.

Having a plan in place for various scenarios and specific processes and procedures is important for organizations of any size.

The articles below explain the importance of policies and procedures and offer tips on how to create them.

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emergency response plan on clipboard and photo of the January 6th insurrection violence

Procedures Are Everything: Capitol Police Didn’t Have One for Handling Attack on Congress

When our country experienced the worst crisis we could imagine, there was no plan or procedure in place to follow. There was no clear instructions for how to handle it. That created a crisis on top of a crisis. Read More…


emergency prepared checklist sheet and photo of classroom

School Crisis Preparedness: Why Rare Not Required?

Why do so few local governments have comprehensive plans? Uvalde experienced a city’s worst nightmare, a massive school shooting. Their lack of a comprehensive crisis plan resulted in a level of death and trauma that could have been dramatically reduced.  Read more…


group talking

Assertiveness: the Unsung Hero of Relationships & a Good Life

Assertiveness is an essential skill that goes hand in hand with boundaries. You can only set and maintain limits if you have solid assertiveness skills. Both are required for effective communication. Read more…


The Yes/No Decision Model

Decision-making can be a significant challenge for leaders and business owners. Learn about the shortcomings of a traditional decision-making model that even well-known entrepreneurs may still use out of habit. How do you make important decisions? Are there better models. Read more…


True Choice Decision Model

Generating ideas and potential solutions is a creative process that should be encouraged in any organization. The True Choice Decision-Making Model facilitates a conscious and comprehensive assessment of all ideas presented and moves beyond the “thinking out loud” stage. Read more…


Conflict Resolution for Individuals & Organizations

Got humans? There will be conflict. If not, someone’s not expressing their needs. Differing opinions can make us nervous, but with an open mind and not getting defensive, there’s opportunity to see an issue from a different perspective. Read More…